Budgeting, planning and forecasting

with powerful reporting and analytics


The key responsibilities placed on the CFO and the finance team comes with many manual processes and the risk involved in managing complex corporate finance processes, places an increased strain on this critical team.

Our Financial Planning and Analysis team assists companies to deploy their financial management processes onto new technology solutions that can alleviate errors, reduce manual effort in spreadsheet processes, whilst embracing the ease and use of Microsoft Excel with full audit and control.

This is where Vena comes in. Vena is an enterprise class software for budgeting, planning and forecasting with powerful reporting and analytics.

Automate Manual Processes

Liberate your team from the grind of verifying data, chasing down numbers and building reports by automating your core financial processes.

Deliver Insightful Analysis

Make finance the acknowledged expert in analysis and the go-to team for the delivery of insights that help make smarter, faster decisions.

Guide the Whole Business

Move from historical transactional analysis to advanced financial intelligence to drive data-driven decisions that proactively lead the market.

Organisations choose Vena because it provides the functionality and user-face they need to address challenges such as version control and data integrity. Its overall flexibility and the fact that it is Excel-based makes it easier for users to make a smooth transition to day-to-day use.

Let the numbers speak for themselves


fewer budgetary errors


faster creation of budgets


less staff time per budgetary cycle


higher finance team productivity

Case Study: AutoX transformed to a self-service finance department

Predict short and long-term revenue

Get a single version of the truth and in real time

Automate routing, review, and approval processes

Maximise data integrity across your budgets and plans

Easily create and share decision-ready reports and models

Perform complex budgeting calculations in Excel without any linkage issues

White Paper: IDC Report - Vena Solutions Delivers More Timely, Efficient, and Robust Budgets

Client Testimonials

Altron Karabina replaced SAP BPC and implemented the new solution within 3 months – on time and under budget. As a result, we can now provide more value to the business, reporting does not take up our time and we can be confident that we are working with a single version of the truth.
Dulani du Plessis Chief Financial Officer, AutoX
One of my team members was creating weekly dashboards for our managers manually. Now those dashboards are being set up in our new software, and it’s completely freed up about three days of her time every week to work on other projects with our sales force.
Jessica Price Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.
Perhaps more remarkably, the time needed to complete all month-end reporting also has been trimmed to nine days, down from four to six weeks.
Dominic Di Bernardo Chief Business Intelligence Officer, Cumming Corporation
When we sat down with our group CEO to review the results (of implementing Vena), the first thing my manager said was 'for the first time ever I've got 100% comfort in these numbers.
Vanessa Macilwaine Group Finance Manager, Nandos

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